Sunday Oct 3

7pm - Discover the Prophecy That Predicted World History.  There is a powerful prophecy in the book of Daniel that changed the course of world history.  What does it say?  How can it change the course of my life?

Monday Oct 5

7pm - Discover The Prophetic Signs of the End.  Significant things are happening in our world today.  Rebellions in the Middle East.  Constant natural disasters.  Worldwide economic collapse.  Are these the prophetic signs announcing the end times?   (Mon at 5:30pm - Repeat of Sunday night's topic).

Tuesday Oct 6

7pm - Discover What Happens in Earth's Last Hour.  Bible prophecy gives us a picture of the most cataclysmic event of earth's history: the return of Jesus Christ.  Is it fact or fiction?  (Tue at 5:30pm - Repeat of Monday night's topic).

Thursday Oct 8

7pm - Discover Revelation's Real Millennials.  For centuries the governments of the world have worked hard to establish peace.  Most attempts have failed.  The Bible's prophecies predict political unrest in the last days.  But the book of Revelation says only Jesus Christ will bring peace.  How will it occur?  (Thu at 5:30pm - Repeat of Tue night's topic).


Discover Hope

In the midst of a chaotic world and troubled economy, Pastor David invites you to come and be encouraged.

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