The Unwavering Love of God

What a remarkable climax to such an amazing story--from bowing low in shame at the temple to shouting with excitement and exhilaration at the tomb, "He is alive!" The very worst of sinners became the most devout of followers and the very first one sent out as a witness to the Resurrection. This is the ultimate example of what the unwavering love of God can and will do for all those who receive it. . . .

God's love stretches beyond our ignorance, even our apathy, to assert itself. Regardless of our decisions, our past, our issues, we are loved. Period. The question has never been the reality or unwavering nature of God's love for us. As in every great love story, the heart of the pursuer longs for one response--for that love to be reciprocated.

What we will do with the love He freely offers is the question that looms over each one of our lives. After the unrelenting pursuit, how will we relate to His love? The end of each of our stories is yet to be written. Jesus is still pursuing us, and His heart's desire is to spend eternity lavishing His undying love on us. You and I get to decide whether His dream comes true.

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